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Xmas Vase Ideas to Make Your Floral Displays Stunning


A beautiful floral arrangement can be taken from gorgeous to stunning simply with the addition of the right vase. More than just a vessel to keep the stems in water a vase is as personal a choice as is the blooms that will grace it. From the simplest ceramic vase to a gold-dipped bud vase making the right choice for each flower arrangement is essential to making it look amazing.

If using more than one flower arrangement for your Christmas dinner table, bear in mind that they don’t have to be all the same. In fact it is more interesting if they are different. Each arrangement can be part of an overall theme but have different elements. If you have 3 small arrangements spread along the length of the table you can make the center one different and the two end ones closer to matching each other.

The vases that you use to hold your table flower displays do not have to match either. In fact this is where you can really make your table décor look unique. Think outside the box for vases. Instead of using ceramic or glass vases why not consider unusual containers such as small metal buckets. Preserving jars are another fun vase idea for small posies. The larger ones can accommodate more substantial floral displays of course. The idea is to not limit yourself to traditional vases but to add interesting elements to the table that no one would be expecting. Provided it holds sufficient water to keep the flowers fresh and can’t easily be knocked over chances are it is viable as a vase.

Some other unusual and interesting vase ideas are:

  • Long stemmed wine glasses
  • Brandy balloon glasses
  • Silver or gold goblets
  • Hollowed out pineapple
  • Empty perfume bottles
  • Wine bottles
  • Punch bowl (float flowers on top of water)

These are just some ideas to get you thinking ‘outside the box’. Remember that many of the items above can be painted, decorated or covered in Christmas paper, colored foil or tissue paper to change their look to compliment your table décor. With the addition of a bow, lace or ribbon you can really turn your simple but beautiful posies or bouquets into stunning floral displays.

Colored glass vases add a big splash of color to your flower arrangements. For Christmas you can choose colors that match your overall décor, or you can choose to use the traditional colors of green and red. If you don’t have any colored glass vases already, or are struggling to find them in the store a clear glass vase can be transformed into a colored glass vase simply and easily. You can either cover the outside of the vase with colored film or add food coloring to the water. If using the punch bowl as your centerpiece floral arrangements try putting swirls of food coloring in the water, particularly around the inside edge. Dipping the tip of colored markers into the water so they just break the surface will leave interesting blobs of color too.

For a more defined, designer look to your floral displays you may choose to purchase some elegant glass or ceramic vases that will look stunning at Christmas time but also add a classy element to your everyday home décor after the Christmas holiday period has ended. Some vases look great with nothing in them, while others can look interesting with some long twigs in them. Vases come in such a huge variety of shapes, styles and colors as well as materials that no matter what the style of floral display you are aiming for you should be able to find something that is complimentary.

If single blooms or very small posies are the style you are planning then you should consider the sleek but stunningly elegant 24 karat gold-dipped vase from Eternity Rose. At 6 inches tall it is perfect for a single flower, or a flower with some foliage, or 2 or 3 complimentary blooms. It is made of heavy solid brass and then generously coated in 24 karat gold and would be the perfect companion to any number of flower arrangements regardless of color. Eternity Rose also has a vase in the same style but silver-dipped.

For those seeking a modern look in a vase Eternity Rose’s crystal clear acrylic vase with solid square faceted base has all the class of glass without the concern that it will shatter if bumped. The acrylic is so clear and beautiful that it could easily be mistaken for glass. It truly is a piece of timeless elegance that will make your floral displays look absolutely stunning. Ideal for your Christmas dinner table or to strategically place around your living room, Eternity Rose’s acrylic vase is an easy choice to make.

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