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Romantic Xmas Gifts for Her – Show Her She’s Special

Looking for some romantic Xmas gifts for her this year? Think it’s about time you injected some romance into the festivities? While being sentimental and emotional might not come easy, we can definitely help you to find the perfect romantic gift.

Don’t Get Your Credit Card out Until You’ve Read Our Advice

credit cardYou might not like what we’ve got to say, but it’s all about the research. Unless you’re a gift guru, you need to find out what your lady likes. Some men seem to have no trouble at all finding a gift to suit even the most distant acquaintance. But unfortunately for you, not everyone is born with such a skill. So that’s why we’re here to come to your aid. So what have you got to do?

  • In the run up to Christmas, take notice of all the things she says. It’s highly likely that she’ll be dropping hints left right and centre, so listen and you’re going to glean some important information. It’s not a habit maybe that you’re used to, but if you can do it you’ll be amazed at what you can find out.
  • Ask her friends, family members and co-workers, what they think she’d love to receive. Romantic gestures and presents probably come up often in their conversations. At the very least you’ll find out what she doesn’t want to receive for Christmas.
  • Don’t be afraid to pop the question, and ask her what she wants. You might be thinking that she’ll consider you a bit of a loser, if you haven’t got a clue about what she wants. But the truth is that she’ll be understanding, and realise that you love her more than anything. Simply because you’ve not been afraid to ask her. Hopefully she’ll give you a few different ideas, so you can pick one or two of them, and it’ll still be a bit of a surprise.

Best Romantic Xmas Gifts for Her

A Christmas Gift She Can Wear

And when we say wear, we don’t just mean clothes. Clothes in fact, are a very difficult gift to buy for your loved one. You’re on a slippery slope if you aren’t sure of her size. Buy her something that doesn’t fit and she’ll be thinking one of two things. Either you think she’s a bit more on the chunky side than she actually is. Or that she’s not a slim as she should be. But there are still items of clothing that don’t require you to know her size such as a scarf, gloves or a hat. And surely you know her shoe size, so you could look at buying her a new pair of boots.

When it comes to buying her things to wear think more along the lines of a watch or dazzling piece of jewellery. A cuddly warm bathrobe, or a designer handbag. Take a look at the items she’s already got and find something in keeping. Sorry, that was a bit more research you’ll have to do!

If She Loves the Latest Gadgets


How many times have you heard her say, what she wouldn’t give for the latest iPhone? Or how her laptop has become too clogged up to function properly. Would she love to have the opportunity to listen to her favourite tunes wherever she might be? Here you have the perfect opportunity to be her knight in shining armour, and buy her a new iPhone, laptop or MP3 player for Xmas. See it was worth paying attention to the things that she said.

If however, she’s already got everything she needs in the tech department, there’s always a ton of accessories that might suit her. Headphones, docking stations, added storage, cases and sleeves, to name just a few.

Give Her the Chance to Change her Normal Routine

And a chance for you to do something romantic together. So what sort of romantic adventures are waiting for you round the corner?

  • Scenic Tour of Toronto Harbour for 2 – hold hands while you view this glorious city from the water. One hour on a classic boat, where you can sit inside at the bar, or outside and feel the sea breeze.
  • Ballroom or Latin dancing lessons – there’s nothing more romantic than leading your favourite lady round the dance floor. Make sure you don’t tread on her toes too often, by having lessons together first.
  • Horse-drawn sleigh ride – travel across the snow in the comfort of a horse-drawn sleigh. Cuddle up together underneath the warm blanket and enjoy the winter wonderland as it passes by. You can even sip a hot chocolate to ensure you both stay toasty and warm.
  • Niagara-on-the-Lake walking tour – a culinary and food tour giving you and your partner the opportunity to sample some of the best local cuisine.
  • Whale watching experience – see these glorious and majestic creatures up close, and enjoy an exhilarating ride on the way.

Some of you may be thinking that our gift ideas aren’t very romantic. Just goes to show what you know doesn’t it. Being romantic doesn’t have to mean red roses, chocolates and flowers. Those kind of gifts for her are pretty much old hat. And anyway you should be giving her those all the other 360+ days of the year. Giving romantic Christmas gifts for her, is all about tuning in to the things she likes to do, and the things she likes to have around her. Being romantic means that she is at the centre, and the most important person of all.

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