24 karat gold rose

Luxury Xmas Gifts for the Special Woman in Your Life

When you are deeply in love with a lovely lady it is perfectly natural to want to give her a special gift that she will truly treasure. Luxury Xmas gifts will tell her in no uncertain terms that you value her in every way. Knowing what you think she will appreciate is only half the battle but the following list of ideas for a gift that will let her know that she truly is the love of your life will give you a great start on your Christmas shopping for your special woman.

Jewelry – If you want to see your special lady melt before your eyes give her a beautiful piece of jewelry. She can wear it every day or treasure it and wear it on special occasions, but either way if you choose a piece of jewelry that is of excellent quality, beautiful and versatile enough for any occasion then you will make your lady extremely happy on Christmas. This beautiful pendant and earring set from Eternity Rose feature gorgeous miniature red roses trimmed in 24 karat gold on a heart-shaped pendant liberally studded with synthetic diamonds and is a set the love of your life will enjoy wearing for the rest of her life.

Every woman should own a fur garment at some point in her life, and Christmas is a great time to present your special woman with a coat, jacket or stole made either of real or synthetic fur. If she is the type of woman who would not enjoy wearing anything made from the skins of animals there are many high quality synthetic furs that you can buy that are very much like the real thing.

One of the items that few women can live without is a spacious handbag. For most women it is a place to keep all of those essential items they cannot live without while away from their home. When it comes to choosing a handbag that is both durable and attractive you cannot go past genuine leather. Though handbags are a personal item and many women prefer to choose their own take a look at the ones she already owns and you should be able to make a choice that is likely to please her.

The luxurious 24 karat gold-dipped natural rose with matching bud vase from Eternity Rose comes presented in an attractive display case. The rose is an actual bloom and stem that has gone through a detailed process to create a gift that is completely unique as no two roses are exactly the same. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is an heirloom gift that your beautiful lady can then pass down to her daughter later.

Champagne truffles are one of life’s luxuries that your lovely lady is sure to enjoy. The combination of Dom Perignon champagne and creamy dark chocolate ganache will melt in her mouth. As they are the type of item that she will likely only eat one of at a time give her a box of at least 12 and she will be enjoying them for many days after Christmas, thinking of you and your thoughtfulness as she nibbles.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of smooth silk against a woman’s skin, so why not consider giving your special lady a pair of pretty but practical silk pajamas to wear? The lightness of the fabric and the warmth the top and pants provide both in bed and out will likely make a luxurious pair of silk pajamas something she will want to wear while relaxing at home. Silk pajamas are great for wearing all day if she doesn’t have to go out but can be slipped out of quickly if you decide to surprise her by taking her out to dinner and dancing. They will still be waiting for her when she returns home to kick of her high heels and spend the rest of the night with you.

A weekend spa getaway will let her know that you are thinking of both her comfort and her good health. Being able to relax and let the stresses and worries of the week fall away will do her the world of good. Let her be completely pampered for two days, with a complete spa treatment that will leave her feeling energized and revitalized. If you make it a spa weekend for two and go with her you can take some time to enjoy each other’s company over a wonderful dinner and wine before retiring to bed. Choose somewhere quiet and secluded if you both need to totally get away from the hustle and bustle of your busy lives, but if you want to enjoy some night life, find somewhere close to museums, restaurants, theaters and the like.

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