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Christmas Gift Ideas for Her That Won’t Break the Bank

gift ideasWondering how on earth you’re going to top your gift giving success of previous years? Or are you looking for something to resurrect your pride, because last years gift was a disaster? Don’t spend a moment longer worrying about your Xmas gift ideas for her. Just read on and we’re sure your woes will come to an end. We know, and you do too, that Christmas is the time for showing those important people in your life, how much you care about them. And this certainly applies when it comes to your wife, or girlfriend. But it’s also pretty relevant too, for moms, sisters and other close family and friends. There’s no denying that buying gifts isn’t the piece of cake it’s made out to be, whether you’re looking for a guy or for a girl.

So without further ado, let’s get on with our Christmas gift ideas for her guide.

Xmas Gift Ideas for Her that are a Bit of Fun

Finding fun and affordable Christmas gifts for her doesn’t have to be complicated, and it certainly shouldn’t be keeping you up at night. So let’s give you a few Christmas gift ideas for her that shouldn’t cost more than $20.

  • A chalkboard that sticks to the wall – she’ll enjoy having her own makeshift chalkboard, even if it’s only to keep you on track with your latest repair projects
  • An ice-tray of frozen smiles – perfect for keeping her Xmas cocktails cool.
  • Tea infuser – if tea is more her style, then give her one of the many fun shaped tea infusers available. Earl grey, lapsang souchong, whatever she fancies.
    Does she lament the loss of the home phone? – a stylish headset that plugs into the jack of her iPhone.
  • Scrabble magnet tiles – you’ll be able to leave sweet messages for each other, or she can remind you to take out the rubbish, do the washing up, or give her a kiss.
  • Zombie car stickers – when she takes the kids to school, everyone will think she’s pretty cool.
  • A chunky knitted scarf – possibly one of the greatest clothing inventions, and great for making a fashion statement, because they’re available in so many different colours.
  • Heated ice scraper – she’ll have no excuse for being late, when the temperatures drop below freezing.
  • Salt and pepper shakers – again these come in all kinds of guises, cuddling couples and even a pair of batteries.

More Christmas Ideas for the Ladies in Your Life

Accessories to wear:

  • a trendy, retro watch
  • matching gloves and scarf
  • leg warmers
  • freshwater pearl bracelet
  • dust mop slippers

Gifts of beauty

  • bath bomb gift set
  • bath bubble machine
  • hot massage stones
  • cupcake manicure set

Foodie gifts

  • ice cream maker
  • candy maker
  • popcorn machine
  • gift hamper filled with all her favourite food

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

homemade gift ideasWhen it comes to giving Xmas gifts for her, it’s not about how much you can spend that is the most important factor. When it comes to giving gifts to the female of the species, it’s the thought that truly counts. While we’re not saying here that a yellow Ferrari, diamond encrusted bracelet or exotic holiday of a lifetime would necessarily be turned down, females tend to live in the real world, and appreciate that those are the gifts that dreams are made of.

Have you considered the option of making a gift for your special someone? A gift that you’ve made will definitely come from the heart. This year why not have a change? Save yourself from the mad rush and hustle and bustle of other Xmas shoppers and be creative with your gift making at home. And yes we appreciate that in today’s modern world, there is little need to suffer the trials and tribulations of shopping at the mall. The internet has opened up the whole gift choosing scenario, and all it takes is a few clicks and your gift is chosen, paid for and on the way. That being said, you’re still going to be spending hours at the keyboard, trying to find the perfect gift. Pick one of our homemade gifts for her, and you’ll have plenty of time left to spend enjoying each others company.

So let’s get on with a few creative ideas. And you’re going to make her Christmas one that’s full of sentiment and loving feelings. A gift that you’ve made with your own two hands is priceless.

  • Customised t-shirt – the opportunities for being creative, funny, loving or just unique are endless. Buy a simple white t-shirt then add the design of your choice. You can buy fabric paints and pens, change the colour by tie-dying or take it to a local shop and have something printed on it. You can be certain that no one else has received a t-shirt like it.
  • Sweater – hang on a minute we hear you cry. How can i make a sweater when I can’t knit. Start this project and find yourself some knitting classes. You might feel a bit out of place if you’re the only man, but the gift that you make her will surely be a big surprise.
  • Customised frame – find a blank frame and decorate with stickers, photos, pieces of fabric, in fact pretty much whatever you want. Place inside your frame a picture of the two of you together, and she’s sure to put your gift in pride of place.
  • DIY soap – you’ll need to get a bit of instruction with this idea, or find some information on line. But the soap you create will be a perfect addition, for her long soaks in the bath. You could also have a go at making some complimentary bath salts. But make sure you pick a scent that she’ll like.

Whether Christmas is many moons away or just round the corner, there’s no need to panic when it comes to great Christmas gift ideas for her. You’re not alone in stressing over finding your special lady a gift, there are plenty of others in the same boat. That’s why we’re here, and hope to continue in our quest to make everyone’s Christmas special, but especially all those ladies in your life.

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