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The Perfect Xmas Gifts for Your Wife

Your beautiful wife is the most precious woman in your life, next to your mother. Your wife is the woman you want to spend every waking moment with, make memories with, raise children with, and grow old with. She is the woman that you want to make sure the Christmas gift you give her is not only thoughtful and caring but perfect in every way. Here are some Xmas gift ideas for your wife that will help you come up with the one (or more) perfect present for the love of your life.


Women love jewelry and for many women the more it sparkles the more she loves it, and when it is given to her by the most important man in her life it has significant emotional value. A beautiful piece of jewelry that looks like it was made just for her is the perfect Christmas gift for your wife. Think of what she typically chooses for herself or take a quick look through her jewelry box to see what her personal style is. This will make it easier to make a choice that has a reasonable certainty she will like it. If she loves her birthstone you could get her something that features those gems. Add an engraved message and you take a beautiful piece of jewelry and instantly turn it into a gift she will treasure for the rest of your lives together.

Home Décor

gold vase and roseWomen are proud of their homes and so any gift that will add to the beauty and serenity of their home will be appreciated. It doesn’t have to be a huge item. Something small that is something she can admire often will have just as much impact as a loving gift from her husband as a big piece of furniture, if not more so. Chosen with all the love and respect you have for her it will mean the world to her because YOU chose it for her. The Eternity Rose has the most stunningly beautiful 24 karat gold dipped roses you have ever seen. Each one is completely unique because the roses are actual natural roses that have gone through a 60 step process to create an amazing treasure that she is sure to love. The roses are available in 24 karat gold, silver, platinum, and a glazed version in a wide variety of colors. You can buy her a single rose in an attractive presentation box or buy her two or more in different colors. These are timeless pieces that can become heirlooms to be passed down to her children.

Handmade Items

handmadeThere is something particularly special about an item that has been lovingly made by hand, whether it is yours or someone else’s. If planning to make something special for your lovely wife ensure you allow yourself plenty of time to get it completed. If ordering something from someone who makes handmade items make sure they have a clear understanding of exactly what you want and that you allow time for potential mistakes to be rectified. Though you may not have made it with your own two hands the fact that you ordered something to be made just for her will mean a lot to her.

Vintage Items

If your wife is a collector of vintage items or likes to decorate with vintage items scour the Internet and/or local stores for something particularly special. There is great value in owning something that has lasted throughout the years (much like your marriage) and the rarer the item the better. This may take considerable time to find but provided you plan far enough ahead of time you will likely find something special just for her. You can always ask local vintage and antique dealers to find you something if you have a particular item in mind.


Though choosing a dress may be something you are unsure about doing a hand-knitted sweater for the cold winters is doable. Sweaters knitted with alpaca yarn are extremely soft and durable, as well as providing warmth for those cold winter outings. Choose one in a natural, neutral color so she can wear it with just about any pair of pants she owns. A leather jacket or coat that is lined for warmth is something else she may like. Alternatively she may like a pair of leather boots to keep her feet warm and dry during the winter months. Check with the sales clerk to see what styles are trending if your wife likes to wear trendy clothing and footwear. A leather handbag is another good choice for a perfect Christmas gift for her. Note: When buying apparel, even though you know her size and taste, make sure the store you buy from has a good return policy just in case she would like to exchange it for a different size or color.

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