24 karat gold rose

Incredible Xmas Gifts for Deserving Moms

Being a Mom is hard work but also very rewarding. For all the things you see her do there are a ton more that you do not see. Though you are thankful for all she does to make your life and that of the rest of your family more comfortable and easy, and you let her know often how much you appreciate all she does, at Christmas time you have the opportunity to really spoil her win an incredible gift. Choosing something special can be a challenge because you want it to convey your immense love and appreciation for her.

The following Xmas gift ideas for Mom are designed to help you find that special present that will clearly say “Mom, you are the best!”


A jewelry gift given to a mother by her son or daughter is something she will treasure forever. Every time she wears it she will remember with fondness the occasion on which she received it. Whether it is a pendant necklace, a special pair of earrings, or a matching set it is the love behind the gift that takes it from being wonderful to incredible. This stunning pendant necklace and earring set available at Eternity Rose is the perfect gift for a hard-working Mom who deserves to be spoiled. Consisting of a pendant that features a beautiful high gloss glazed rose on a 24 karat gold heart-shaped pendant that is liberally encrusted with sparkling synthetic diamonds, and a matching pair of earrings that also feature glazed roses. This truly is a stunning set that any mother would love. Available in a range of colors.

Bath Robe and Slippers

Not just ‘any old bathrobe’ but one that makes her feel like she is wrapped in a cloud of warmth and softness. Mothers don’t often get time to relax but when they do they want to be as comfortable as they can get. A super soft luxury bathrobe and matching slippers set will invite her to relax more often. Choose one in her favorite color or for the ultimate in luxury go with white. Mothers so rarely get to wear white because they are always conscious of getting marks on white clothing so if her bathrobe is white it will be extra special to her. For an additional personal touch have her initial(s) embroidered on the front.


Genuine leather, regardless of which animal it comes from, is luxurious and beautiful. Your Mom will love a new handbag, jacket or even boots for the winter. If you know her style and size you can purchase but if you are uncertain why not take her out for the afternoon, find a nice place to eat and then take her to the best stores that sell leather goods. She might be ‘like a kid in a candy store’ with all of the choices but you can be assured that when she walks out of the store with her Xmas gift from you she will be very happy.

Weekend Getaway

Mom is never off duty from being a parent and taking care of everyone. By the time Christmas Day is over it is likely she is tired and just wants to spend the next couple of days doing absolutely nothing. If this sounds like your mother book her a weekend getaway, either by herself or with your father. To have something to wrap up to give to her on Christmas Day buy her a new weekend travel luggage set. When she opens the gift she will be surprised to receive a set of luggage and then you can surprise her with the reservations for the weekend getaway. It doesn’t have to be a weekend; you can make it longer so that she can relax and enjoy doing as little as possible. If you make it a getaway at a health spa she can get thoroughly pampered!

Decorative Gifts

Though it is likely your Mom has many beautiful decorative items that make her house a home there is one unique gift that she probably won’t have. It is a beautifully boxed gold dipped hand crafted rose! What makes this so unique is that it is an actual rose that has gone through a 60 step process to preserve its beauty for eternity. Just as no two roses are ever exactly alike nor are these. Each one is dipped in 24 karat gold so that it gleams and then laid in a lined presentation box perfect for gift giving. Presents for Mom should be special and this certainly fits that description. You have a choice of colors if you elect to purchase a glazed rose or you can choose the all gold, silver or platinum versions. Eternity Rose has a bud vase available (purchase separately) that is perfect for displaying your Mom’s gorgeous heirloom rose.

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