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Great Xmas Gift Ideas for Your Grandmother

A grandmother is one of the most wonderful women any person can have in their life, and anyone who has a grandmother should feel blessed to have her. She is the special lady who gave you your mother. She is the woman that is the most important woman in your mother’s life. Because of all those things it is important that you choose a great Xmas gift that shows her how important she is to you. The following ideas will help you to make a good choice that will make your lovely grandmother very happy this Christmas.

Personalized Gifts

When you give someone a gift that has been personalized it says loud and clear that you took time and put a lot of thought into what you wanted to give them. In order to do personalized gifts you need to plan ahead of time though, so make sure no matter what you choose for your dear Grandmother that you allow enough time for it to be made or personalized. On the other hand, you can choose something that is able to be engraved and usually you can have it within a couple of days.

Handmade Gifts

Chances are your grandmother was born during an era when handmade gifts were the norm rather than a trend. She knows the value of something that a grandchild has labored over with love to make sure she has something she will enjoy. Not everyone likes to make things with their hands so when she receives something handmade it will be extra special to her. If you can knit, crochet, scrapbook, make things with wood or any number of other wonderful crafts and skills, maker her something that she will use every day and see the love that went into the making. If you are not able to make something yourself arrange for someone else to make it and then your own personal touch to the item.

Digital Photo Frame

This is a great way for your grandmother to enjoy pictures of her children and her children’s children. Pre-load it with all the fun pictures you have and then ask her if she has any others she would like loaded on to it. If she is a tech savvy grandmother she may be able to do this herself but if not it won’t take you long to scan the photos and add them. Set it up so that it has the photos on slideshow setting and then she can watch them any time she wants.

Potted Plants

For many women a house is not a home without potted plants. If your grandmother is one who believes that then buy her a nice potted plant. But don’t stop there. Choose a really attractive pot to put the plant in, one that will compliment her current décor. Another alternative for Xmas gift for her is a terrarium with several levels so she has a miniature garden that she can enjoy all year round inside her home. As potted plants are difficult to wrap for Christmas a big bow around the pot will be a nice way to give it a festive look.

Family Portrait

If it is possible to do gather all the generations of your family together for a family portrait and then have it turned into a stretched canvas that your grandmother can hang on her wall and enjoy for years to come. If it is too difficult to get everyone together ask each family member for a copy of their favorite photo of themselves and then collate them into an attractive collage to have printed on a stretch canvas. Another way to provide your grandmother with pictures of her children and grandchildren is with a family tree ornament to set on her mantel. From it dangles miniature frames and each child and grandchild can get one frame each. As the family expands your grandmother can add another frame for each grandchild.



If your grandmother has just about everything she could possibly want in the way of material things a special outing is a Christmas gift she will enjoy because she will be left with the memories of it afterwards but not have to dust it. If she likes to go to the movies take her to something you think she would enjoy watching and then for dinner afterwards. If she likes theater or art galleries get her tickets and for your grandfather if he also enjoys art and theater. If not take her yourself and spend some quality time with your dear grandmother. Don’t forget to take a few photos (selfies included) so that she will have something to show others when she brags about how her grandchild took her to a theater show and then bought her dinner afterwards. Time spent with loved ones is often of much more value than material gifts to grandmothers.

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