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The Best Xmas Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend

Maybe you are head over heels in love with your girlfriend or have only been going out for a while, at Christmas time you want to give her something special. Girlfriends can be a challenge to buy for, particularly if you are only just getting to know her likes and dislikes. You want it to be personal but you don’t want to give her the wrong impression, so you find yourself struggling to come up with a Xmas present that is appropriate for the stage your relationship is at.

New Girlfriend

If you have only being going out together for a couple of months it is wise to steer clear of anything that may be misconstrued as being too personal. Fortunately that still leaves plenty of things you can give her. A square or rectangular (not heart-shaped) box of fancy chocolates and a couple of bottles of wine (if age appropriate) will be something she can choose to enjoy with your or with her girlfriends. An oversized coffee mug with some special coffees is a great gift for someone who cannot get through the day without at least one cup of coffee. Choose a mug with something lighthearted and fun on it such as a Disney character or if she is interested in particular animals, sports or hobbies you can choose something relevant that she will enjoy.

3 to 6 Month Girlfriend

You’ve been going out for awhile now and so this is more than just a new relationship but still you probably don’t want to give her something that can be misconstrued as a declaration of undying love. You can get a little more personal with gifts at this stage in your relationship so a nice but not overly expensive piece of jewelry would be a good choice. Some bling for her cell phone might be nice too if she likes sparkly things. A throw blanket for when she is relaxing on the couch at home is another great gift idea. Chocolates are perfect no matter what stage your relationship is at because there are very few women who can resist great chocolate.

6 to 12 Month Girlfriend

By this time you know your girlfriend fairly well and likely have strong feelings for her. If you have already declared your love for her but not committed to becoming engaged you have a much wider range of gift ideas to choose from. Think romantic but not happily-ever-after and you will be fine. A heart-shaped pendant with synthetic diamonds or diamond chips will be something pretty for her to wear. A pair of earrings that are pretty and can be worn for both casual and for dress will be appreciated. A digital photo frame is something she might like to keep all her photos of you and her together on. Chocolates of course!

12 Months or Longer Girlfriend

gift-for-girlfriendUsually by the time you have been dating a girl for 12 months or more you have a serious relationship and may be considering a long term future together. You know her really well and have discovered some interesting things about her. If romance is a big thing for her then choose something that will make her feel loved and cherished. A heart-shaped piece of jewelry with semi-precious stones is perfectly appropriate at this stage in your relationship. If she has her own car how about plush car seat covers? For the techie girlfriend how about the Amazon Alexa Dot? The Dot is something that is both useful and fun.

If your girlfriend loves to go to the gym get her a new gym bag that will hold all of her gear plus a water bottle and other necessities. She might also like a Fitbit Fitness Wristband for keeping track of her exercise progress. For the serious coffee drinker a gift card for Starbucks is sure to be something she will love. While the gift card should not be the main gift it is an excellent add-on gift and would go perfectly with a quality travel mug so she can have hot coffee on the go. Scented candles are great for relaxing in the bath and if in her favorite scent (think vanilla, lavender etc) she will think of you when they are burning. While perfume is a personal choice, if you know her favorite, there are many gift sets available during the holiday season that usually includes perfume, lotion and powder.

Whatever you decide to buy your girlfriend for Christmas make sure that you take the time to wrap it nicely. Many stores will do this for you for a small charge if you are not good at wrapping gifts yourself. Part of the enjoyment of receiving a gift from her boyfriend is admiring the pretty packaging and then slowly unveiling the contents, so make it pretty.

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