24 karat gold rose

Finding Unusual Gifts for Friends

Getting something special, unique, and unusual as a gift for a friend can be quite a challenge because often you both enjoy the same things. Chances are you have shopped together and seen the same things in the stores. That doesn’t mean that it is impossible however. You will just need to get a little more creative and clever about finding that unusual gift that you know she will absolutely adore.

Gift Baskets

gift-basketsOne way to guarantee that your friend does not already have what you give her for Christmas is to make something yourself. A gift basket is a fun way to give her a little of this and a little of that. You can spend weeks leading up to Xmas putting together little things that you find when out shopping. If you shop together most often then buy online when she isn’t around and then hide the items when they arrive. Think of gourmet foods, candies, chocolates, wine, jewelry, Christmas tree ornaments, candles and other small things that she probably wouldn’t buy for herself but when put together into a nice basket that she can reuse once emptied will make a gift that will ‘keep on giving’ for weeks after the day. If you are lucky she will share it with you!


red-roseThis is a unique and unusual gift that not only will she be absolutely bowled over with how stunning it is but it is very likely that she won’t already have it or even have seen it. The Eternity Rose pendant necklace that features a glazed rose on a 24 karat gold heart encrusted with sparkly synthetic diamonds. If she is your ‘bestie’ this is the perfect gift for her! The roses come in a variety of colors and are tipped with gold on the edges of the petals. Truly stunning, this is a gift that she will treasure almost as much as she does your friendship.


set-candlesMost women love being able to lie back in a tub of hot, sudsy water and relax. If they can do so with some pleasant music, a glass of wine and some scented candles burning it can be the recipe for a perfect moment. Candles are great to burn for any reason, at any time, especially if they are scented with her favorite fragrance. Vanilla and lavender are two all-time favorite scents but there are lots more to choose from. If you can’t decide you could buy several small ones of different scents. Hint: if your friend absolutely loves Christmas and everything about it make sure that one of the candles is pumpkin pie scented so she can enjoy the scent all year round.

Hobby Gifts

hobby-giftMany people are turning to crafts and hobbies to fill their leisure hours not only as a way to be creative but also to unwind after an arduous day at work. For many the mere act of making something by hand is relaxing and fun. Give your friend either a craft kit or something that she doesn’t already have for her favorite craft. Another great gift idea for hard-working friends is adult coloring books. Studies show that coloring is great for relaxing and de-stressing. Throw in some colored pens and pencils and you have a gift that she can enjoy for weeks afterwards, and if you choose coloring books that have removable pages she can frame her ‘artwork’ after it is completed.

Best Friends Gifts

friend-mugThere are a lot of great Xmas gift ideas that provide matching items so that you can give one to your friend and keep one for yourself. True friendships are worth cherishing and nurturing and it can be fun to know that you both have the same thing. Think of things like matching coffee mugs, throw pillows, necklaces, and t-shirt or sweatshirts. If you can’t find something that is quite what you want to give her then consider having it made. There is a ton of Print on Demand services available online that will put an image, saying or quote on a t-shirt for you. If you make up something unique and funny that just the two of you know the meaning of it will be extra special to the both of you. Or you could select a favorite photograph of the two of you doing something fun together and have it printed on a coffee mug, travel mug, tote bag, coasters or any number of thinks that Print on Demand services offer. One thing is for sure; this is a gift that no one else will have!

Remember this: friends are like coffee – your day just isn’t right without a dose of friendship and you can never have too much of a good friend. Make sure your gift at Christmas time tells your friend just how much you think she is the best!

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