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Choosing Great Xmas Gifts for Daughters

Whether you are a proud Dad of a wonderful daughter (or daughters) or a Mom who is blessed to have a beautiful daughter, you want to give her something she will treasure for Christmas. You want the best for her regardless of how old she is because to you she will always be your little girl. You hold memories of her childhood near to your heart and it is that love that you want to be conveyed in the gifts you buy her for Christmas.

Music Gifts

No matter how young or old your daughter is it is very likely she enjoys listening to good music. For teenage daughters a portable hard drive that she can store all her favorite music on is a gift she will enjoy every day as she listens to great song after song. Make sure it has at least a Tb of storage so that she can have every song she can think of on it and still have room to add more. Another good Xmas gift idea for a music lover is a really good set of noise-cancelling headphones so that she can listen to music without you having to. For a daughter who loves everything retro consider a record player and some of your old records that you don’t want any more.


If your daughter is still living at home with you and is just starting to wear perfume chances are she hasn’t yet chosen a particular favorite. There are lots of perfume gift sets available that include small sample bottles of several different scents. With a set like that she can try each one out until she finds one or more that she really likes. Alternatively for a grown daughter there are gift sets in her favorite perfume that include lotion and talcum powder so she can pamper herself.


Scented candles are relaxing and make a daughter feel really good. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and scents so choose something you think she will like or buy a gift set that has several small candles of different scents so she can have a choice of which one she wants to burn at any particular time.

Hobby Gifts

For the creative daughter who likes to make things in her spare time consider hobby and/or craft kits. There are a good number of kits available that include all the things she needs to make something really great. A hooked rug kit will give her something to make for weeks to come and when it is completed she will have a rug she can actually use. Cross stitch and tapestry kits are something that she can do during the winter and then have it framed when completed to hang on her wall. Scrap booking is another great craft/hobby that allows your daughter to be creative and have a keepsake that is both attractive and useful.


Most daughters can never have enough jewelry and when it is something that has been given to her by her loving father or mother it is something she will likely keep forever. Eternity Rose has some absolutely beautiful pendant and earring sets that feature miniature glazed roses in a wide variety of colors that are then tipped with gold. These are unique and will be a very special gift that she can then pass on to her daughter later on in life.

Home Décor

Daughters are forever wanting to change their room around or have new décor items. If your daughter likes to have new décor consider a number of great Christmas gifts such as bedside lamps, new bedding sets (duvet/sheets/comforter/pillows), a nice rug for her floor, art work for her walls, or a new chair. There are many fun and funky décor items that young girls will absolutely love. Find out what she is ‘in to’ right now and choose something she will think is great for her bedroom.

Concert Tickets

If you live in a city that has major musicians playing regularly and your daughter loves to attend concerts get tickets to one of her favorite bands. Just make sure that you book well in advance because tickets for popular artists typically sell out very fast. Though she will have to wait to actually attend the concert it will be something worth waiting for. Buy at least two tickets so she can go with her best friend or boy friend. Be prepared to drop her off and pick her up on that night if she is too young to drive herself.

Adult Daughters with children will appreciate a gift that is all about her. Mothers give so much of themselves to their families that they often neglect to look after themselves. A spa bath set would be a lovely Xmas gift for them for one of those rare moments when everyone is out of the house and she can relax in a hot, sudsy bath.

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