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Xmas Gifts for Coworkers You Like

Your work environment and the people you work with can ‘make or break’ a job. When you work with a number of other people there is a strong likelihood that you will have at least one coworker that you really try to avoid.

Fortunately there is just as strong a likelihood that you will find one or more coworkers who you enjoy working with and find fun to be around. If your office or workplace organizes a ‘Secret Santa’ at Christmas time then hope that you pull the name of one of your most-liked coworkers out of the hat. If exchanging gifts is purely an individual choice then here are some gift ideas and tips for those colleagues you actually like!

Not everyone will choose to buy their coworkers gifts at Christmas time. For many it’s not that they don’t want to but more a case of working full time doesn’t give them much time for shopping and just getting gifts for family takes a lot of effort. Just be aware that unless you already have a tradition of exchanging gifts with a particular coworker you may not receive a Xmas gift from your coworker in return.

Expensive gifts are not necessary. The main purpose of Xmas gifts for coworkers is to make a token gesture that conveys to them how much you have enjoyed working with them for the past year and that you hope they have a wonderful holiday season. To this end a thoughtful but small gift is likely to be well received and appreciated. This of course will largely depend on how close you are with your coworker(s). If you are very good friends then a more expensive gift may well be in order.

For coworkers that you like but do not have a particularly strong friendship with, a coffee mug is usually a safe and easy gift to give them. Coffee mugs or travel mugs are something that almost every commuter uses if they drink coffee. If they don’t drink coffee you can give them a stainless steel water bottle instead. These do not have to be plain items. Look online for one with funny images and/or text on them that will make them smile every time they see it.

If you like to bake and traditionally do for Christmas anyway why not make a couple of extra batches of cookies to give to your coworkers. Who doesn’t love to receive homemade cookies as a Christmas gift? It doesn’t have to be cookies. You could make individual Christmas fruit cakes or homemade chocolates. Cupcakes are another great idea. If you are not a great baker you can do the same thing with nuts and dried fruits. Mix them up like trail mix and put them in nice glass jars and put a ribbon and bow around the top. A homemade gift says so much more than a store-bought one.

A day planner or organizer is another great gift for busy working people. Sure, they probably have one for work but do they have one to organize their home and social life? Parents with children who are forever running off to sport practices or other after school activities need somewhere to keep all those dates and details organized. Some day planners are just the right size to fit in a woman’s handbag. Choose one with a bright and cheerful cover that makes them think of you and your thoughtfulness every time they look at it.

If your coworker is a cat or dog lover and is often sharing stories of how their pet has done something unusual or amusing there are a huge number of gifts for them. You can choose a calendar for the following year with beautiful pictures of puppies or kittens on each monthly page. Another option is to give them a calendar that has a page for every day with a cute picture on it. For dog owners of a specific breed narrow your choice down to something that features images of that breed. A t-shirt with a saying something along the lines of “Proud owner of a Greyhound (or other breed)” might be a nice gift. Just make sure you buy the right size for your coworker. The same idea works for people who have a particular craft or sport they enjoy.

For that coworker who is constantly getting up to reheat their coffee a mug warmer will be a very welcome gift. The warmer is plugged into a regular electrical outlet and when the coffee or tea mug is placed on top of the warming pad it is kept at a good heat for drinking for as long as the beverage lasts. This is the kind of gift that will be very much appreciated for the person who feels they cannot get through the day without their coffee. Your boss is likely to appreciate you giving your coworker this gift too because it will increase the coworker’s productivity!

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