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Unusual Xmas Gifts Teen Girls Will Love

Teen girls can be both the easiest to shop for if you go with gift cards to their favorite clothing stores, or the most challenging if you choose to select a gift for them yourself. Teens tend to change their tastes in so many things quickly, following the latest trend, which if you are not up to date with what is going on you could think you have a great gift idea only to find out that it is ‘so yesterday’. One way to get around this problem is to choose one of the following unique Xmas gifts for teen girls that they would not be expecting but will love.

If your teen loves nature and the great outdoors how about buying her a hummingbird feeder? These come in a variety of styles, colors and prices, from simple to elaborate. Be sure to also include a bag of bird seed designed for hummingbirds and other small birds. Your teen can then enjoy providing a place for these gorgeous little birds to come and feed. If she has somewhere outside her bedroom window to place it all the better so she can enjoy this unique Xmas gift!

A bedside or desk lamp is something that can be either standard or completely whacky. Look online for ideas and then check out your local lighting shops for unusual, funky lamps that you think your teen might like. Though lava lamps have been around for a long time they are enjoying a comeback with teens who love things retro, and for those who are interested in good health and relaxation a Himalayan Salt lamp might be the perfect choice. Whatever you can think of as interesting, unusual and somewhat whacky is likely to have a lamp made for it!

You’ve heard of leg warmers, right? Remember when they were the rage a few decades ago? Today they are back and in just as many funky styles and colors, but rather than leg warmers, how about arm warmers? These practical and yet whacky-colored long fingerless glove-type garments will keep your teen girl’s arms warm all day long. When it comes to Xmas gifts for girls you typically cannot go wrong with clothing!

A chia pet is a novel gift for a teen girl. The range of holders has increased significantly over recent years so you are sure to find one that would appeal. This is a fun thing for a teen girl to tend to and then watch it grow over the following days. Even if at the end of it she doesn’t want the chia stalks she can throw those away and still have the fun holder for storing little things in.

game_of_thronesIs your teen crazy about Game of Thrones? Did you know there is a Monopoly version of the popular television show? While your teen may not be ‘big’ on playing board games this one may change her mind about that. This would be a great game to play on a slumber party night with all her fellow GoT-crazy girlfriends. Throw in a few bags of ready-to-make popcorn and she will have the recipe for a great sleepover.

Most teens love to take photographs and then share them with their friends. A smartphone projector is a great way for your teen to show off her great photographs to her bestie when she comes over to hang out with her. The projector places an image 8 times larger than the original phone screen image up on a wall and can be tweaked to insure it is in focus. These projectors fit even the largest of smartphones regardless of brand or model.

Hickies are a great gift idea! No, not those big red marks left on a girl’s neck – these Hickies are cool-looking and practical laces for shoes. They attach to the eyelet holes and are easily removed so your teen doesn’t ever have to worry about laces coming undone ever again. What is especially cool about this unique lacing system is that you can mix and match colors with your shoe color or go with a mixture of completely random colors. These essentially are a fashion accessory for shoes!

Bean bag chairs were a huge hit with teens ‘back in the day’ and still are somewhat popular today, but now there is a new version/style available called Yogibo. These chairs/loungers and pillows do the same thing as the traditional bean bag only with a lot more comfort and conforming. They come in a wide range of cool colors to match or compliment your teen’s bedroom décor and some are big enough for two.

You know how attached your teen is to her smartphone. Can you imagine the shock and horror she goes through when her cell phone battery is depleted? It’s almost as if her life has come to an end. This gift idea will alleviate all her cell phone charging worries. It’s a portable smartphone charger that is zipped up neatly inside a wristlet! She can be coolly charging her phone and no one will know, and the best thing is that she will never be without a charger again.

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