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Great Last Minute Xmas Gift Ideas for Her 4/5 (1)

xmas gift ideas for her

Despite your best intentions December often becomes hectic and you find yourself madly scrambling for a last minute Xmas gift for your mother, girlfriend, sister or wife. Many of the shops have been well picked over but there are still some great gifts to be had that will not only be very much appreciated by her but will give the appearance of you having put a lot of thought into before purchasing. Provided you choose carefully and not succumb to the “any old thing will do” theory you will be golden.

For your mother

Next to your wife your mother is the most special woman in your life so choosing a gift for her is something you should do carefully. There are very few women who don’t love beautiful jewelry and as your Mom is a ‘class act all the way’ a stunning piece of jewelry is bound to bring her a lot of joy not only on Christmas day but every time she wears it.
A mother-son outing is another great gift idea that can be arranged fairly last minute. Look online for tickets to a great show that you know she will enjoy. Book the tickets and then find a nearby restaurant and make reservations there. If the venue is out of town you should book overnight accommodations too. Making this all about her will be something for her to look forward to and enjoy the memory of for years to come.

For your wife

Putting a lot of careful thought into a present for your wife is imperative. Because she knows you well she will know instantly how much thought went into the gift she opens on Christmas Day. You probably left her gift until last so you could fully focus on what she would really love but then you ran out of time. This does not have to be an issue. Consider jewelry. There are not many women who do not love being given a beautiful necklace that clearly shows you know her taste. If you need a reminder of the gems she likes or whether she prefers gold over silver check through her jewelry box when she isn’t looking.

If the love of your life is tech crazy consider a Virtual Reality headset, where she can relax in her down time and go on wild adventures all from the comfort of an easy chair. For a woman who likes to stay fit a Fitbit may be something she would really appreciate receiving as a Xmas present. The Amazon Echo or Echo Dot is another fun ‘tech toy’ that she may enjoy.

If your wife’s favorite perfume is running a bit low you could pick up a gift set. These range from reasonably priced to extravagant dependent upon how much and how many items are included in the set. This may be a good time to introduce her to a new perfume if you think she would like to try something new. Ask the person at the perfume counter to recommend a perfume in a similar ‘tone’ to her favorite, and pick up a small bottle for her to try.

For the confident man who doesn’t mind shopping in women’s lingerie departments there are a ton of last minute gift ideas to be had. While a sexy negligee or bra and panty set may not be the main gift they do make a good add on. Be sure you know your wife’s size, taste in color and style before purchasing, or if unsure make sure there is a good return policy so that she can exchange it if necessary.

For your sister(s)

As sisters grow up and move away from home it can be challenging to come up with gift ideas that you are certain they will appreciate. A nice piece of jewelry is a good choice and can be chosen last minute without looking like you just grabbed the first thing you saw. If your sisters are the kind of ladies who like to pamper themselves you could gift them bath sets or a voucher for a spa treatment in their home town. Gift cards to any of the major retailers are always an option, either as the main gift or as an add on, and will not look last minute because they will understand that you want them to get themselves something they really want rather than you buy them something they won’t.

For your nieces

This largely depends on age. For young girls any toys or crafts are a good option, and for teens gift cards to major clothing shops are the safest options. An iTunes gift card is another good choice so they can choose what music to download with it. Gift cards are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for family who live far apart from each other but exchange gifts at Christmas time.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Entire Family 5/5 (1)


Christmas shopping for people we love can be a lot of fun, as long as we don’t let choosing the right gifts stress us into making snap decisions. Planning ahead can make gift buying for family members, both young and old, much simpler. You put a lot of love and thought into choosing gifts you believe your loved ones will appreciate and enjoy, but what if you simply don’t know what to buy? This gift guide will help you get some ideas.


By the time your grandparents have reached their senior years it is likely they have all they want in the way of material items so gift buying for them grandparentscan be challenging to say the least. The two things that seniors often value more than material things are experiences and time. By combining these two elements together you can come up with some great gift ideas. Think of an outing that they would enjoy, where you take them somewhere. A day trip to somewhere that holds good memories for them can be more precious to them than any material gift you can give them, with a wonderful lunch thrown in. Take lots of photographs and then make it up into a memory album for them to look through and remember the wonderful day they spent with you.


gifts for parentsMuch like grandparents, parents of adult children have often got most of the things they want but as they are likely more active than your grandparents you can choose to give them material gifts or an experience too. If they enjoy doing specific things together you can give them something they can share. A season’s pass to a movie theatre, tickets to a live show, and a year-long pass to an art gallery or a weekend getaway can all be things they will appreciate. Keen gardeners may appreciate new plants for their garden or a gift card to their favorite gardening store. Focus on things that are useful to your parents rather than decorative items. That being said, if they need something replaced because it is old and worn out, then Xmas gift time is a perfect opportunity to give them something you know they want.

If you prefer to gift your parents individually then choose gifts that will mean a lot to them. Ask yourself what they need, and when you answer your questions you will find the best Xmas gift for them. For Mom it may be that piece of kitchen equipment that she has always wanted but never gotten around to buying. Or a favorite perfume that she is running low on. A luxurious bath robe that she is unlikely to buy for herself will give her lots of pleasure every time she wears it. Dads who love sports get him tickets to a local game, or a piece of memorabilia of his favorite team – a sweatshirt or t-shirt may be something he will enjoy wearing.


What Xmas presents to buy children depends largely upon their age. It is imperative that the gifts you choose be age appropriate. If you have no idea what to buy teens simply ask them. While it may seem like there is little surprise involved when you ask them they will be more appreciative of receiving something they want. Fashion conscious teen girls may prefer a gift card to their favorite clothing store so they can choose for themselves. For younger children toys are always a safe bet but you may want to consult parents to ensure you choose the right toys. Books are another good choice for children, particularly if they have hobbies or specific interests. Video games, provided they are suitable for their particular ages, are also a good choice but check to make sure they don’t already have them.
If your entire extended family gets together to celebrate Christmas and exchange Xmas presents then one of the things you might consider doing is buying a family gift that everyone can enjoy. You can start a new family tradition with a funny board game like Headbands or a large jigsaw puzzle that everyone can help do, or buy everyone Christmas pajamas or funny hats. These items can be kept exclusively for Christmas so that they are something special that only comes out when you are all together.

Another way to start a family tradition is with a group Christmas photograph that you get printed up and then mail to everyone in the New Year. If you take a photograph of everyone in their new Xmas pajamas or their funny hats it will be even more fun. Make sure that this is a fun event and not something that the younger members of your family will resent. Let them pull funny faces if that is what they want to do.

Consider buying a S’mores maker so that everyone can sit around in Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve and watch funny movies and eat S’mores that they have made themselves. This is a more modern twist on the traditional toasting of marshmallows but just as much fun, if not more so. Don’t forget to bring all the makings too.

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