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The 10 Worst Gifts You Can Give Her for Christmas

worst giftsEveryone experiences receiving a gift that is less than inspiring at least once in their lifetime. You know the sort of gift I mean – the one where the one receiving the gift wonders if the gift giver has lost his or her mind. Sadly, all too often, women are on the receiving end of such gifts. It’s not that there is anything strange or odd about the gift item itself; it’s just that it isn’t something women really want as a gift from their significant other. Buying a really great gift for your girlfriend or wife is challenging. You go into gift buying mode knowing it’s going to take an enormous amount of thought and care to purchase something that will knock her off her feet. That pressure all too often leads to poor choices. If you are the kind of guy who struggles every time Christmas comes around the following list of gifts to avoid should make your buying easier:

Cash or Gift Cards

Nothing says lack of thought more than giving your girlfriend or wife cash or gift cards. While you probably chose to go that route because you wanted them to be able to buy something they really want the perception will be that you didn’t take the time to think of something special to give them. Your wife or girlfriend wants to feel that they are worth you taking the time to not only come up with a gift that they will love but go into a store to purchase it and then gift wrap it so it looks pretty.

Kitchen Appliances

Anything to do with the home is as far as romantic and thoughtful as you can get. All a gift for the kitchen or housework will do is tell her that you think she is only valuable to you as the person who cooks and cleans for you. Stay away from the entire house wares section of the stores when shopping for a special Xmas gift for your special lady.


Unless you have exceptional taste in women’s clothing and know for a fact that the item will fit her perfectly and is something she would enjoy wearing don’t give her apparel. If you get it wrong she may feel obligated to wear it because you gave it to her, hating every minute of it.

Cheap Perfume For Xmas gift

Like apparel this is a big no-no. Because you gave it to her she may feel obliged to wear it and sadly thought it may have smelled great on the saleswoman it might smell really bad on your girl. Perfume is a very personal choice for a woman, but if you insist upon purchasing it for her then choose a Christmas gift set in her favorite scent.

Fake Jewelry

When you give your girlfriend or wife fake jewelry her immediate thought is likely to be along the lines of “Oh, I’m not good enough for real gems”. It is better to give her something with a small but real gem than something with a large fake one. If your budget won’t stretch to real stones avoid jewelry altogether.

Adult Toys

Like the kitchen appliances and house cleaning tools adult toys will tell her that you think she is only good for one thing – keeping you happy in the bedroom. Your wife or girlfriend wants to feel that you see her as more than a bed mate so resist the temptation to go down the sex toy aisle.

Gag Gifts

You might think giving her a gag gift is funny but rest assured your lovely lady will see it as anything but amusing. If you choose to give her a gag gift to tease her but have a real gift to follow up with make sure it is really something special or the entire plan is likely to blow up in your face.


So you received a gift that you haven’t used, are unlikely to use but don’t want to see it go to waste. Christmas, or any other time for that matter, is not the time to wrap it up in pretty paper and give to your significant other. A re-gifted item is more about you getting rid of something you don’t want than giving your girl something special that she will love. Just don’t do it!

Digital Gifts

Part of the fun and excitement of receiving a gift from her husband or boyfriend is being able to savor the moment and then unwrap the present slowly to reveal something amazing inside. Digital gifts, even if she is big on all things tech, will not cut it no matter how hard you try to justify them. Your lovely lady wants to be able to brag about the gift you gave her.


So you have reached a point where everything you have thought of is either on this list or just won’t do for another reason. Do NOT be tempted to give her nothing. She will have spent hours deciding what to give you and then to find out that you chose to not get her a gift will totally crush her. If your relationship is anything but strong this could be the thing that results in a break up.

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